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Anti-Burglary Safes from Ozone - The Inside Track

June 21, 2012
The new Anti-Burglary Safes from Ozone are fully equipped to dislodge the efforts of burglary.

Apart from the standard features available in Ozone Electronic Safes, these smart looking safes come with hi-tech security features such as being explosive safe, resistant to drilling and anti-torch cutting devices and efficiently prevent burglary attempts.

The safe also has an alarm system which is triggered the moment there are incorrect code inputs or if the safe is moved or shaken. Available in a smart dual colour finish, these safes are available in 3 sizes i.e. 645 mm, 765 mm and 910 mm. The 910 mm safe comes with 2 compartments providing an option of keeping valuables and documents separately.

These safes are ideal for office and home use and for the safekeeping of cash, jewelry, documents, electronic gadgets and other data.

Source:: The Inside Track
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