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Home and Office Safes

Ozone offers a wide range of Home and Office Safes to provide safety of all your valuables along with peace of mind. In today's high crime world, not just individuals but their valuables too need a safe & secure place inside home & office where they can keep safe their cash, jewellery, insurance papers, property papers, bond papers, all other important documents, gold / silver coins, luxury watches and digital gadgets & data. Many of them are daily use valuables hence need to be safe yet within reach for ease of use. Ozone, a popular brand for providing safety & security solutions for the valuables, provides Safety Lockers for every need & every place. You can buy these digital safes online on all leading e-retailers and hardware store in market place.

Our Electronic Safe Lockers range includes motorized safes, touch panel safes, credit card safes, drawer safes, Finger print safes & fire-proof safes that come in different sizes as per application & need. These home safes should be fixed inside wardrobe or cupboard or any other furniture baseboard hence these are also called wardrobe safes. Ozone Digital safes are empowered with great features such as LED display pad, pin/password & biometric locking, auto freeze after consecutive wrong attempts, motorized opening etc.

Choose one from range of Ozone Digital Safes that suits your needs of valuables safety.

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